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The Role of a Household Butler

Hiring a Household butler comes with a lot of things, and an inexperienced person can end up hiring the wrong person, once you decide you need a household butler for hire, then Schofield butlers are the right choice for you. Let's take a look at the role of a private household butler and how you can hire the correct butler.

Who is a butler?

Customarily, the word “butler” in most cases brings to mind an image of a responsible middle-aged man wearing a tailcoat with a silver platter in his hands. But contrary to this belief, a professional butler is not just a middle older man in a tailcoat but also an individual who has been formally trained in all ramifications of personal service. They are also called “a gentleman’s gentleman” or act as a valet.

A butler is always the first person of contact in the household whether this is at the front door or gate, over the phone and when welcoming guests.

Role of a private household butler?

The role of a private household butler may vary depending on the company you hire the butler from, but there are some significant familiar role in all private house butler, the characters are;

● Polishing house silver or china collections

● Oversight of other staffs

● Answering of house phones

● They sometimes act as a valet; driving their employer around when required

● To tirelessly provide thoughtful, caring and sincere service

● To fully comprehend and have full knowledge of all in-suite service, amenities, and technology.

● To show courtesy when entering into private space.

● To assist in any arrangement his master intends to make.

● Ensure all valuables and properties are noted and well supervised.

● To follow all department policies, rules, services, and procedure standards.

How to get the right household butler for hire?

Hiring a professional and experienced household butler has been made easy with Schofield butlers, with little or no knowledge on how to employ a household, you will be utilizing the right butler when you contact Schofield butlers.

Surfing through the net, reading on how to get the right household butler cane to be tiresome and time taking, but just by contacting Schofield butlers you have no worries as Schofield butlers skilled personnel is known to supervise other staffs in the house to ensure the employer get only the best level of service.

Significant roles of Schofield butlers?

● Household Staff Management

● Food & Drink Service

● Meet & Greet

● Chauffeur/Valet

● Personal Assistant/Confidant

Do you have other roles do you want the butler to take in your house? All you need to do is to contact Schofield butlers, and you will be astounded by the varieties of roles their butlers and play and also their quality of service.

Why should you contact Schofield butlers?

We offer corporate butler services that can be extremely useful for the organization of busy offices and addressing executives. They maintain office productive, and they also try to impress potential clients. They can coordinate formal lunches for guest entertainment; set up conference rooms for meetings, they can act as office butler who can also assist with inventories, ensure the standard of hospitality is as required and can also be in charge of providing staffs.

Additional reasons;

● Quality service

● Superb communication

● Interpersonal skills

● Ability to be discreet and confidential

You can now hire the right private butler without having to surf through the net or seeking help from others. Contact us! And get the best butler that fits your need!

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